Fascicolo di Bilancio 2019

i. Relazione Annuale Consolidata 2019
— RPIB_Relazione Annuale Consolidata2019

ii. Bilancio d’esercizio 2019
— RPIB_bilancio-desercizio-2019-xbrl
— RPIB_bilancio-desercizio-2019_Relazione-Gestione
— RPIB_bilancio-desercizio-2019_Opinion-Soc-Revisione
— RPIB_bilancio-desercizio-2019_Relazione-SINDACI

Our institutional scope is a frame of reference for future wants and expectations, with comprehensive and relevant pedagogical proposals in a globalized world :fake Rolex, with the capacity to intervene in development and permanently committed to social realities.